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Erosion Control Silt Fence

Silt Fence Detail and Specifications

erosion control silt fenceErosion Control Silt Fence at bulk pricing and ships to you. Erosion control silt fence is a favorite for silt control on job sites, construction sites, and other areas where silt or sediment is being displaced. Great for use as perimeter control, sediment control, or silt containment, our silt fence is placed around sites to help prevent erosion and maintain water flow from your site. Due to varying conditions and sediment requirements, the silt fence comes standard in three different fabric grades: Economy (50 gram), Contractor (70 gram) and DOT (100 gram).

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Silt Fence Features

  • Specification Sheets
    • Economy Grade Fence (50 gram)
    • Contractor Grade Fence (70 gram)
    • DOT Grade Fence (100 gram)
  • Woven Geotextile Material
  • Available with or Without Stakes
  • Contractor Grade Materials Available

Silt Fence Benefits

  • Contains Silt to the Job Site
  • Helps Prevent Erosion
  • Controls Sediment
  • Filters Runoff Leaving the Site
  • Limits Water Pollution

Erosion Control Silt Fence Technical Specifications

Silt Fence Type Available Sizes Model Quantity per Skid
Fabric Rolls 3' x 1500' Rolls Economy: 16 rolls
Contractor: 12 rolls
DOT: 12 rolls
Staked Fencing 3' x 100'
3' x 100'
3' x 100'
Roll with 11 Stakes
Roll with 13 Stakes
Roll with 17 Stakes

Wire Backed Silt Fence Technical Specifications

Silt Fence Type Size Model Quantity per Skid
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 330' 14.5 WWG 32" x 330" Field Wire
70 Gram Fabric
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 110' 14.5 AWG 32" x 110" Field Wire
70 Gram Fabric
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 330' 12.5 AWG 32" x 330" Field Wire
100 Gram Fabric
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 110' 12.5 AWG 32" x 110" Field Wire
70 Gram Fabric
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 100' 14.5 AWG 24" x 10" 2x4 Welded Wire
70 Gram Fabric
Wire Back Silt Fence 3' x 100' 14.5 AWG 24" x 100" 2x4 Welded Wire
100 Gram Fabric

Fabric options for all construction site silt fencing includes either an economy (50 gram), contractor (70 gram), or DOT (100 gram) grade material.

Silt Fence Detail Installation

silt fencingFor most construction sites dealing with sheet flow, silt fencing is installed by excavating a trench and securing the bottom of the fabric into the trench. Fabric is usually buried about six inches (6") to help withstand water, sediment and increased weight. Posts should be attached to the fencing and then placed into the ground.

Recommended Spacing

Spacing for the posts may vary depending on your location, water build up and fabric type. For most locations, post should be placed no more than 8-10 feet apart. For areas with heavy water requirements or heavy duty fabric, stakes should be placed closer together (5-6 ft. spacing).


For the most effective silt control, each erosion control silt fence should be placed in two rows that are spaced approximately three feet (3') apart. This provides a back up row of fencing for your construction site.


All fencing should be inspected regularly after each rainfall even and when there is significant build up on the curtain.

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